Ravinder Kaur


PTE hut is notable for the extensive collaboration that takes place among the teaching staff and instructors. They encourage professional development and continual exploration and growth in the field for all of their staff, and make every effort to help the staff obtain such experiences. They make their employ feel like an integral part of their team. PTE hut is an incredibly fun work environment as you get to enjoy and learn from your colleagues as well as students. I learned that just as learning styles can be different so can motivational tactics. You have to be flexible. You have to connect to each student. This is a really different and unique experience that helped to shape my communication and teaching skills. My teaching philosophy is simple as pie: Teach like it is your last day today! Try to give your abecedarians all of your knowledge so that knowledge can grow and expand to an extent where novelties can bloom and be implemented in order to exercise them for bridging up the loopholes which exist in our societies today. PTE hut provides quality of education and guarantee of marks. Your achievement of 8 bands is our major target. Online class environment is same as classroom environment. We focus to improve your pronunciation and fluency in speaking section. Tips and tricks are delivered to achieve excellence in reading, writing and listening.