PTE Write from dictation by PTE HUT

Write from dictation

Write from dictation is a part of PTE listening. It is the most scoring part of PTE listening. In write from dictation, there is an audio of a single sentence which consists of 7-10 words. Each word carries one mark. Moreover, correct spellings and sentence formation is having partial credit scores for the writing module for enabling skills as well as spellings. In this blog, we feel pleasure to share some of the repeated sentences for dictation.

1. Synopsis contains the most important information. (Most Repeated)

2. The city’s founder created a set of rules that became to law. (Most Repeated)

3. Many graduates studying journalism get jobs in the communication field. (Most Repeated)

4. The control system in manufacturing can increase the accuracy. (Most Repeated)

5. A party is thrown in the small meeting room. (Most Repeated)

6. She used to be the editor of the student newspaper. (Most Repeated)

7. All students have their unique style of learning. (Most Repeated)

8. Dates of the courses are available on the college website. (Most Repeated)

9. These words recognized the excellence of the undergraduates’ research Projects. (Most Repeated)

10. Clinical applications for some methods have been presented as well.

11. Habitats and migration pathways to fish and numerous aquatic species are provided by the river. (Most Repeated)

12. Remember, the prestigious selection has strict eligibility criteria. (Most Repeated)

13. Tribes vied with each other to build up monolithic statues.

14. Tribes worked with each other to build up monolithic statues.

15. A very basic feature of computing would be counting and calculating.

16. All industries consist of input, processes, output, and feedback.

17. According to many experts, the world climate is changing. (Most Repeated)

18. This morning’s lecture on economic policy has been canceled.

19. Many diseases on the list need to be eradicated.

20. Students for professional practice are prepared by clinical placement in nursing.

21. Scholarships are available for both native and international students.

22. Career mobility is very important for new graduate students. (Most Repeated)

23. Please make sure your applications are following the guideline provided.

24. The closing date for applications for travel scholarships is next Monday.

25. Scientific experiments are repeated in order to find results.

26. Students may only use parking cards in authorized university parking spaces.

27. The university funds the study of utilizing projects. (Most Repeated)

28. We help students to evolve their individuals and follow their interests.

29. Many universities are expanding postgraduate education online learning resources, continuously.

30. The ways people use in communication are constantly changing. (Most Repeated)

31. You have the freedom to study what interests you have the most.

32. Experts said reading and listening to music can elevate stress.

33. The night sky has always involved mystery and wonder. (Most Repeated)

34. Please follow the guidelines for more information on setting the goals. (Most Repeated)

35. The term illness and disease are confusing despite clear differences.

36. Every living thing begins as a single cell.

37. A basic definition of computing is counting and calculating. (Most Repeated)

38. Money and how it is paid can affect the desire to work. (Most Repeated)

39. The university main library will be open till midnight next Monday.

40. Our aim is to change classical teaching in the classroom. (Most Repeated)

41. Companies’ projects must adapt to general data protection regulations.

42. British students must study mathematics at secondary schools.

43. We are phasing out the disposal cups on campus. (Most Repeated)

44. The deadline for the submission of this assignment is tomorrow. (Most Repeated)

45. For the purpose of the research, data should be collected and analyzed.

46. There is no economic reason why public borrowing is necessarily bad. (Most Repeated)

47. The teaching staff is actively engaged in the original research.

48. Technology is no longer a simple tool to control.

49. The media plays a significant role in shaping the opinions of the general public.

50. It is clear that the increasing human population impacts on the environment.