PTE speaking module by PTE HUT

PTE speaking module

Speaking is the most scoring and easiest module of PTE. The speaking section begins with the personal introduction where you are expected to introduce yourself. Section two has a number of items for what you need to carefully answer into the microphone. There are five types of questions in the PTE speaking module:

1. Read aloud.

2. Repeat sentence.

3. Describe the image.

4. Re-tell lecture.

5. Answer short question.

Among all questions, Read aloud are the most scoring also, it proportionate for reading scores. So, now we provide some tips and tricks to do Read aloud. Let’s start with the read aloud.

2. Read aloud

These are the short stanzas in your PTE speaking module; you have to read these stanzas loudly in 40 seconds. There is a preparation time before you start reading the stanza that is of 40 seconds. Start speaking within 3 seconds after recording starts.

How scoring is done in read aloud?

Scoring of Read aloud is based on pronunciation, content, and fluency. Each aspect consists of 5 marks.

Pronunciation is how you pronounce the word, to gain high scores in pronunciation you need to speak each word correctly. Tips to enhance score in pronunciation:

Speak each word correctly.

Do not stretch the words.

Do not stress on a particular word.

While practicing, focus more on difficult words, repeat them two or three times.

Avoid pronouncing words in your mother tongue.

Fluency is how fluent you are. There are some tricks to gain scores in fluency:

Avoid extra sounds like aa, ahm that will hamper your oral fluency.

Take pauses only in case of a full stop, comma or at connectors. Take a small pause on comma and connectors such as; however, comparatively and large pause on full stop.

Avoid extra pauses.

Read the stanza as fast as you can.

Note: do not overlap words.

Speak in the same pitch. Variations are not allowed.

Note: you can increase pitch at the starting of the sentence.

Content is what is given in the stanza.

To perform well in content read the whole stanza as it is. Do not add or remove any word.

Do not do self-correction.

Ignore mistakes, if any, and continue reading without giving pause.

Do not skip any word.

So, these are the tips by which you can improve your read aloud and score well.

2. Repeat sentence

In this part, there is an audio in which there is a single sentence. As some proportion of marks of repeat sentence is for listening, try to listen to complete sentences. Note down the difficult words on an erasable notepad. Speak sentences with correct pronunciation and fluency as the recording is.

Scoring of the repeat sentence

Scoring of the repeat sentence is done on the basis of pronunciation, fluency, and content. Pronunciation and fluency carry 5 marks each. There are 3 marks for content.

Note: In case you do not hear sentences properly, speak any sentence whatever you want, without pause correctly. So, you can get scores for pronunciation and fluency.

3. Describe image

To score high in describe image, make sure you should describe the whole image clearly. To describe image, cover the topic of the picture, speak how data is categorized and calibrated. After that, discuss the maximum and minimum trends. In the end, give a conclusion for the image. Pauses should be at the end of the line.

4. Retell lecture

In retell lecture, there is a recording of the short lectures. Most of the lecture is based on daily instances and academics. Listen to the lecture carefully, with proper concentration. Note down key points like the topic, and other important points. Start speaking, as the recording starts. Try to speak a lecture with formats. Speak the most important points that the speaker has discussed. In the end, sum up the lecture with a correct conclusion.

5. Answer short question

Questions in speaking are based on common sense and general knowledge that you can find easily on different websites and in our next blogs. These are the one to two-word questions, so do not speak the whole sentence to answer the question, give answer in a single word.

How to practice answer short questions?

Read 10 questions and their answers daily to perform well in answer short questions.

We hope these tips will be helpful to upgrade your scores. Hit like and comment below if these tips are helpful for you to polish your speaking module.