A lot of people ask me about PTE and have one question in their mind that what is the actual profit of  PTE and why it is important? Is it for communication, for grammar or for English? After so many things I’ve got an answer that this is useful for making your future in foreign and for English too.   

PTE is going viral nowadays. One of the prominent names when it comes to open entrance exam, PTE is being taken up by an increasing the number of careerist individuals over time. However, it is common for aspirants to find it difficult to pick PTE over other existing open entrance exams. So in that scenario PTE is an English test for going abroad and making your future there.  

As a remedy, here is stating three reasons why PTE is an ideal and profitable  exam to pick when it comes to proving one’s English proficiency and seeking a career abroad:

Automated/Automatic machine scoring

In the PTE exam, there is no teacher or human examiner. The entire PTE exam is machine-scored, which makes it accurate, verified, and objective. Students are marked by computer machine (software) format, that means it makes the score candidates receive at the end of the PTE test and non-subjective. Every question of PTE exam has two outcome – either correct or incorrect so in the end, you are going to be responsible for your each and every answer. So this is how it is proved that PTE is a total right and worthy exam for English and machine (computer) checking makes it easy and safe as well.

Test format

In every English test/ exam there is a Speaking section where human examiner or your teacher directly communicate with you and candidate has to answer that   for testing and scoring and in PTE exam, the Speaking test is conducted by recording the voice of the student who is expected to deliver content depending on the questions stated in the PTE Speaking section. This makes the PTE test more comfortable especially for students who are shy in nature because in this type of format you only have to communicate with the computer and he will mark you so no need to hesitate at all.

Acceptations of PTE 
Now the best part of PTE is that it is accepted now from last 10 years in every country. PTE is acceptable almost in all countries but if we talk about PTE academics then it is mainly required by Australia, New Zealand and Ireland like TOEFL is applicable mainly for U.S.A but there is a certain percentage of acceptance of PTE Academic in some other countries as well, for example, U.S.A, Canada, U.K, etc . Also, when it comes to a visa application for the Australian government and UK border agency, the PTE score is valid, So, all in all, it depends on the requirement of the university in which you want to apply to. Only after that, you can choose accordingly whether you should take PTE or not. Therefore, as the number of organizations or institutes are rising who accept PTE score, the scope for PTE test takers is also expanding.

So this was for PTE is a key and this is actually valid and easy for making your future abroad. Thank you

Thank you for your time is always there for any of your queries.