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Monika Nagwani


​Eventually what’s the first thing comes in your mind when you are going to start working with any of the organization? Environment, facilities, money, cronies and so on, same with me to but working with PTE HUT is a platinum opportunity, It’s actually great working with PTE HUT. Being among the top English language institutes, PTE HUT has given ample opportunities to grow. It gives its employees a place that they feel proud of. Here I was able to increase my contact base and work on my communication skills, that can help the students to have better understanding of the surroundings and of English. Management and seniors are cooperative with me every time. A great work place, where you can learn, achieve & get reward. A Good team work and coordination can be seen in the organization. I love the fact that I am part of PTE HUT team where my digital skills and language skills are also getting developed day by day. My job is exhilarating, incredibly rewarding and always interesting. When one first start in this position, one needs to learn quickly what to prioritize based on the needs of multiple institute. Coming from so far it was a bit difficult for me to understand things but PTE HUT has helped me with everything. I have a pleasant experience living with PTE HUT.
Now for students I have only one thing to say that, they can trust for their marks to PTEHUT because for us it’s not only about our study business it is absolutely about your carer and future and there are separate things for every student no jumble at all , definitely a peaceful place for study. Thank you