Methods to spell correctly by PTE HUT

Methods to spell correctly

Correct spellings are important in today’s era in almost every field as we write e-mails to our employers; keep updates on websites and many more. However, people find it hard to learn and remember the spellings of different words. In PTE, spellings are very important in the writing module to upgrade scores. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss how to achieve proficiency in spelling.

1. Learn a few rules

Sometimes knowing rules is the best way to learn spellings. Rules are base to remember how spellings are formed. Some rules like why does the y in “lonely” turn into i in “loneliness” are important to make correct spellings.

Well, when you add a suffix (a word ending like “-ness”) to a word that ends in the letter y, that y is changed to “I”. However it is not important in case of “ing” such as in word try with the addition of “ing” it become trying. So, think before eliminating y from a word.

2. Learn commonly misspelled words

Some words are so tough to spell that even native speakers write them wrong. Such words commonly include “ie” or words with double letters in them. Aspirants often get confused in “ie” and “ei”. You need to learn 10 such spellings to enhance your proficiency in spelling. Practice such words from different sources. Here are some common incorrectly spelled words you might actually need to know how to spell:

  • basically
  • beginning
  • believe
  • foreign
  • friend
  • forty
  • interrupt
  • vacuum

3. Make a list of the words which you think are difficult

This method will surely help you to improve your spelling. Make a list of words that you think are wrong or have confusion writing it. Read the list once a day. By this, you will easily memorize the spelling of words that you need instantly.

4. Check word origins in the dictionary

To learn spelling, it is essential to check the origin of the word. Many English words have evolved from Greek and Roman roots. This means they are Greek or Latin words. Knowing common roots can help you to understand and spell more words. When you look up a word in the dictionary, you might check the meaning and part of speech, checking word’s evolution can also be useful to check to make your spelling learning effectively.

5. Split it

Words that are long are difficult to learn. In these cases, you can use the splitting method. Chunking is splitting words in smaller pieces to make it easy to remember. This way, you’re not learning the spelling for one long word, but just a few short ones efficiently!

The word “strategies,” for example, can be pieced like this:

Strat egies

You can do this easily without any trouble and can remember long difficult words in just a few seconds.


6. Play word games

You can learn spellings effectively and also play games which are a good source of entertainment. So, playing word games is entertainment with a substitute of knowledge.

7. Sound it out

This is a spelling trick that is often taught to kids in their primary schools, because of its simplicity. If you’re doubtful how to spell a word correctly, say it out loud, very slowly to read sounds, not the word. Then note down the sounds that you have heard.

Of course, this technique would not be applicable at every instance but you can write correct spellings to some extent. The word “married,” for example, is not written in that it sounds. Some words like blink can easily be learned by this method. Blink has a sound of b then l further there is ink in these words. Thus, such words can be easily be spelled correctly with this method.