How to evaluate yourself before the exam

How to evaluate yourself before the exam

As the competition increases to go abroad, it becomes harder to attain the desired scores in the language proficiency test. 5.5 becomes a hurdle for the number of candidates. Aspirant struggles hard to achieve required scores. Number of students spends lumps of money to fill the exam. Yes, of course, 13,500 are not a small cost for an exam and, if you are not satisfied with your scores. All the hard will be ruined. So, today we will discuss how to evaluate yourself before taking the Pearson Test of English in a few pennies. There are numerous sites from which you can take the test. However, the scores are not always correct. But students can get an estimate of their total scores:

To buy tests for evaluation, go to the official site of Pearson that is https://, you can get the instant results at this site. Moreover, you can get a voucher code for the final exam. After that, search for a practice test given at that site. The price for test can be varied according to the number of tests you have taken. Click on buy now there. Enter your information on the spaces given. Write your name, mobile number, date of birth and email address correctly in the spaces provided. You can pay money by credit or debit card. Note that you should enter your card details like card number, name on the card correctly. Click on pay now. You will receive a one-time password on your mobile number that you have given.

Having received the one time password, enter this password in the given blank. You will receive a mail on your e-mail in which there is your Id for test and password. There are 50 mock tests checking of which cost 500 Indian Rupees for each test.

To start your test, search for Go to the exam voucher. The home page for the PTE voucher will open. Click on login. You are asked for your login id and password. Enter your login id and password. After entering your password and id, click on login. Go to practice tests. The mock test will appear on your screen. Choose any test for practice. Your test will get started. The test will be same as the real exam. The timing will be same as the final PTE exam. Answer each question correctly to score well in each module. Submit your test after your test get over. To submit your test click on the submit button.

After submission of the test, now it’s time to get the result. Again there is a screen with mock tests. Go to view result. You will see the last test that you have attempted. Click on view result. Payment for test checking is done same as earlier by card. After receiving payment, the result will appear on your screen. It will give you the idea of your final grades. You can focus more on your weakest module by this evaluation.

We hope this blog proved to be helpful to get an estimation of your scores. Like and comment on your views if this trick really helps to evaluate your estimated scores. For more information contact us at PTE Hut.