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A number of students prefer PTE as their language testing system for immigration purposes. It is because of ease of the test. Aspirants can easily find repeated material from different sites. PTE essay is the most important part of PTE writing module. There are one to two essays in the PTE exam. Each essay comprises 15 marks. Scoring is based on enabling skills that are for spellings, vocabulary, and written discourse. PTE essay topics are usually repeated in PTE Academic exam. Essay statements may change but there are similar topics. But there are some updates in the last few days which are important for test-takers to know as the PTE essay topics list will be updated as new topics appear in the exam. The topic of one such essay is listed below along with the sample answer provided.

As the competition increases, companies are likely to introduce offers and discounts on the product for their costumers to be at an optimum level. However, these introductions have an impact on the reputation of the company. What do you think? Is it positive or negative?

Sample answer: In the era of cut-throat competition, companies use different strategies to attract various costumers. Most often employers introduce offers and discounts to surge their sales. There is a heated argument over the issue that it affects the reputation of the company. It has become a moot point for years. A lion’s share of society favors it, however, rest averse it. The upcoming paragraphs will elucidate my personal viewpoint.

I see eye to eye with the central idea for various reasons. First and foremost is that if companies offer a discount on products, costumers will become doubtful about the authenticity of the product. To substantiate it, I would like to quote an epitome of a corporation is providing 60% off on a product, the buyer will definitely think for a few minutes before purchasing the product. Apart from this, the purchaser will approach the shop only for a limited period of time that is until there is a reduction in price on the product.

On the loggers head, some critics go against the above-stated idea and opine that offers and discounts on are necessary to build strong relationships among firms and clients. Markdown of the company’s production on special occasions like birthdays rather than permanent cut off of price will develop an understanding which ultimately enhances productivity. Furthermore, establishments can clear old stocks easily and introduce new stuff by this method. As the number of customers gets attracted towards the fall of price, money flow also increased.

Having discussed various thoughts and deliberations, I have come to the conclusion that obviously offers have an impact on firms’ reputation. As there are some advantages to the companies also, companies should provide discounts to costumers with a view to enhancing profits.

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