Common mistakes students do in PTE

PTE becomes a trend among students who desires to go abroad for further studies and immigration purposes. Numbers of students appear for PTE exam daily, without knowing their common mistakes. Resulting into, aspirants get fail to achieve required scores in language proficiency test. In this blog we will discuss common mistakes done by students while taking PTE exam.

Common mistakes in speaking

  1. Do not start speaking before the short beep otherwise; your speaking will not be recorded.
  2. You must not speak too fast that it will result into overlapping of words this will become hurdle in your pronunciation.
  3. Explain everything without explaining important content in images.
  4. Speaking in monotone affect your speaking. Give stress on appropriate words.
  5. Students often use too many filler like ahm, umm that hampers fluency.
  6. Using incorrect form of tense while reading a stanza.
  7. Attention to singular/plural is must.
  8. Taking pause more than 3 seconds is inappropriate. Microphone will shut down after 3 seconds.
  9. Not taking short pause after a full stop or comma, to be fluent.
  10. Repeating particular verbs or words.
  11. Doing self correction will impact your scores in content. Avoid auto correcting words and proceed further in case of any mistake.
  12. Students often try to cover each word of re-tell lecture which results into loss of further content.

Repeated mistakes while doing writing task:

  1. There is no scoring for writing less than or more than the word limit, so, write appropriate number of words in writing task.
  2. Failing to understand the topic and go beyond the topic.
  3. Using informal language or slangs which are not acceptable.
  4. Writing phrases or quotes without understanding the correct meaning.
  5. Not using punctuations or incorrect use of punctuations.
  6. Using repeated words especially the articles.
  7. Not considering singular/ plural.
  8. Making spelling errors in hurry.
  9. Using vocabulary without understanding appropriate meaning.
  10. Generous use or absolutely no use of collocations.
  11. Improper use of connectors.
  12. Not giving suitable examples.
  13. Not writing the conclusion at the end of an essay.
  14. Not writing single sentence in the Summarize Written Text task.
  15. Writing a lot of ‘and’ in writing summary.
  16. Not proof-reading the essay to inspect spelling mistakes.
  17. Incorrect sentence formation.

Mistakes in PTE reading module

  1. Misunderstanding the question.
  2. Trying to know the meaning of each and every word even if it is unfamiliar, it is wastage of time.
  3. Selecting number of options in Multiple Choice Choose Multiple Answers.
  4. Illogical or grammatically incorrect words in fill in the blanks.
  5. Not finding keywords in multiple choice questions.
  6. Not doing skimming and scanning.
  7. Leaving the question unattempt.
  8. Reading passage first instead of question.

Mistakes in PTE listening module:

  1. No presence of mind while listening.
  2. Not considering the remaining time.
  3. Not making the correct use of erasable notepad provided.
  4. Not practicing to develop the skill of reading and listening at once.
  5. Loosing concentration in between recording.
  6. Not focusing on synonyms instead finding exact word as recording.
  7. Highlighting the doubtful word while answering the highlight the incorrect word task.
  8. Not checking the spelling in fill in the blanks task.
  9. Leaving the answer unattempt.
  10. Try to guess words or part of recording you missed, while recording.
  11. Using repeated words in listening dictation.