Best Tips to assist you score 79+ altogether sections of PTE!

Tips and tricks for PTE Academic exam

When you are preparing yourself for PTE academic exam, it’s really important to emphasize on specific areas that can contribute maximum scores in your test. Here we are stating 8 simple exam tips and strategies that will lessen the anxiety, stress and make learning or PTE academic exam an easy task:

  1. Preparation strategy for PTE Academic exam

The PTE academic exam has four modules namely Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. During your preparation period, learn the four sections of the PTE exam with equal prominence and time. Do not focus only on one section. This might obstruct the flow of preparation and prohibit you to complete the PTE exam syllabus in time. So, the right thing is to learn all four modules of the PTE exam investing equal time and importance for each.

  1. PTE exam preparation resources

When it comes to PTE exam preparation, do not bind yourself to one academic source, website or book only. For the PTE exam, multifarious websites provide online study material. Refer to all kinds of profitable books, notes, and sample papers for complete preparation of the PTE Academic exam.

  1. Time management

Time management is the most imperative aspect of the PTE exam. You have to complete the entire PTE Academic exam in three hours, keeping an eye on the time allotted for all the modules. Do not keep the time planning part of the PTE exam as the last moment practice. Practice it from day one so that you will be able to manage your time.

  1. Mentor for the PTE exam

You seek help from all kinds of resources for the PTE exam. Yet, for a good PTE exam preparation, it’s important to take guidance from the right mentor. There are experts and qualified/certified professionals who provide PTE exam training and you can reach them with time in hand for advance preparation and training. To get your right PTE mentor to click here.

  1. PTE mock test

PTE Academic exam is a computerized test that judges your English knowledge. Before reaching the test center, it’s important for PTE test applicants to learn the exam format on the computer and also, master the time planning. For this, you can appear for the PTE mock test conducted by experts. This will give you a hint that how much you can score. You can rectify your PTE exam preparation based on the results of the PTE mock test that you opt for.

  1. Pre-requisites for PTE exam

To apply for a PTE exam every candidate must have a valid passport. Before scheduling or registering your PTE exam or application, make sure you are a valid passport holder. If you do not have a passport, you cannot apply or schedule your PTE exam. If your passport is invalid, then do the formalities to renew it and then only apply for the PTE exam.

  1. PTE Academic exam tips for Writing module

This tip only limits to the writing module of PTE where you should not exceed the given word limit for a particular task. Also, answers with less than 5-words or more than 75-words are not accepted in the PTE writing summaries. In an essay, you can write 200-300 words; not more than 300 words or less than 200 words. So, during the PTE academic test do limit your answers within specified word counts especially in the PTE writing section.

  1. Use of notepad in PTE Academic exam

Students are not aware of the fact that the use of notepad is allowed in the PTE academic exam. As PTE is a computerized test; still you can use pen and paper where you would want to take notes of important facts. For those moments during the PTE academic exam, you can use the erasable notepad on the desktop which you will be provided during the PTE exam.